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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no.

Authors: Sławomir Krawczyk , Elżbieta Czerwosz , Halina Wronka , Piotr Firek , Mariusz Sochacki , Jan Szmidt :

Title: Comparison of Field Effect Transistor with C-nPd gate and resistive C-nPd film sensing properties toward hydrogen

Abstract: As a result of the implementation of the POIG project (UDI-POiG.01.03.01-14-071/08-00), the research network Łukasiewicz, the Teleand Radio Institute and the Warsaw University of Technology, developed resistance hydrogen sensors using changes in nanocomposite resistance. Carbon-Palladium films (C-nPd) were obtained by PVD method, followed by transistor sensors (FET) with a gate covered with a previously developed nanocomposite C-nPd film. In this article, we show differences in a sensing properties and reaction of discussed resistance for the transistor sensors with a C-nPd film and resistive sensors built of C-nPd film deposited on ceramic substrate. For both types of sensors we performed sensing characterization in a research set-up prepared especially for this purpose during the implementation of the project. We found that transistor sensor is much more sensitive toward hydrogen than resistive sensor.

Key words: hydrogen sensors, thin layers, resistance measurement, C-nPd film