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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 259

Authors: Krzysztof Kluszczyński , Zbigniew Pilch :

Title: Comparison of the magnetorheological 1- and 2-disc clutch in terms of overall dimensions, coefficients of the use of active materials, electric power consumption and spatial temperature distribution

Abstract: The article is devoted to magnetorheological clutches and focuses on the problem of a comprehensive comparison of a 1- and 2-disc design solution from the point of view of various criteria: mass, volume, characteristic factors Tc/m and Tc/V (where: Tc - clutch torque, m - clutch mass, V - clutch volume), electrical power consumption (necessary to maintain the clutching state), copper losses in the excitation coil and the maximum temperature increase of the magnetorheological fluid in the clutch working region. The comparison was made on the example of 6 designed clutches for a selected sequence of clutching torques: Tc = 20, 35 and 50 Nm. It was indicated that the recommended constructional solution is a 2-disc clutch.

Key words: MR fluid, MR multi-disc clutch; industrial continuous duty drive systems; thermal clutch numerical calculations; electrical power consumption of MR clutches; MR clutch copper losses.