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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 255

Authors: Katarzyna Ungeheuer , Konstanty Marszałek , Marzena Mitura-Nowak , Zbigniew Kąkol :

Title: Modification of semiconducting copper oxide thin films using ion implantation

Abstract: The article describes method of Cr+ ion implantation with energy of 10 keV and 15 keV. This method can be used to modify thin film semiconductors. Simulations of implantation process were performed using the Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter software, taking into account different energies of the ion beam. The apparatus diagrams of ion implantation and magnetron sputtering processes are presented. Optical and structural properties of non-implanted and implanted Cu4O3 and CuO films were studied.

Key words: thin films, ion implantation, PV cell absorber.