Przegląd Elektrotechniczny

Oldest magazine of Polish electrician. It appears since 1919.

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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 243

Authors: Katarzyna Dyndał , Konstanty Marszałek :

Title: Design of complex energy systems (thin film photovoltaics, collectors, heat pumps and energy storage)

Abstract: This paper presents a method for obtaining photovoltaic thin films and simulation results of complex power systems. Photovoltaic thin films were obtained using the magnetron sputtering method. Simulations of complex power systems consisting of thin photovoltaic modules, energy storage and a heat pump have been performed. The capabilities of one of the most powerful design software such as Vela Solaris Polysun software were presented by showing chosen the simulation results.

Key words: thin film, magnetron sputtering, photovoltaics, electric power systems, energy analysis, Polysun