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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 239

Authors: S. Iwanek , Jerzy Sanetra , Konstanty Marszałek , Zbigniew Kąkol :

Title: Optical method for homogeneity testing of thin films electrodes for photovoltaic cells

Abstract: The new non-destructive, optical method for homogeneity of photovoltaic cells testing is presented. The uniformity of thickness and optical constants of the deposited large area electrodes (15.6*15.6 cm*cm) were measured by spectroscopic ellipsometry. The sputtering deposition equipment for metallic electrodes (Al, Mo) was designed and run. The ALD equipment was used for transparent electrodes deposition (ZnO:Al). Description of vacuum deposition systems as well as tests resultants are presented.

Key words: homogeneity test, PV cells,