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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 199

Authors: Jakub Kisała , Andrzej Kociubiński , Karolina Czarnacka , Mateusz Gęca , Jakub Duk :

Title: Investigations of the influence of copper layer thickness on the giant magnetoresistance effect in NiFe/Cu/NiFe thin films

Abstract: This paper describes the basic information about the phenomenon of giant magnetoresistance as well as the structures exhibiting in which this phenomenon is observable. The technological sequence of NiFe/Cu/NiFe thin structures fabricated by magnetron sputtering is presented. The two series of structures presented differ in the thickness of the non-magnetic copper layer used being 5 nm and at 2,5nm. Measurements of the DC resistance of the structures of both series in a constant magnetic field of 0.5 T were performed. Comparison of the obtained results allows us to conclude that the changes of the structure resistance under the giant magnetoresistance phenomenon are larger for smaller thickness of the copper layer.

Key words: magnetorezystancja, rozpylanie magnetronowe, cienkie warstwy, statyczne pole magnetyczne