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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 186

Authors: Karolina Kowalska , Marta Kuwik , Joanna Pisarska , Dominik Dorosz , Wojciech Pisarski :

Title: Multicomponent titanate-germanate glasses for infrared photonics

Abstract: In this work, multicomponent titanate-germanate glasses singly doped with Nd3+, Er3+, Tm3+ and Ho3+ ions are discussed. The influence of TiO2 component on the near-infrared luminescent properties of lanthanide ions in barium-gallo-germanate glasses was determined. Luminescence intensities of lanthanide ions are enhanced in the presence of TiO2. Luminescent results for the studied glasses are promising in relation to potential applications in the infrared photonics.

Key words: inorganic glasses, lanthanide ions, spectroscopic properties, luminescence.