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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 178

Authors: Agnieszka Iwan , Krzysztof Bogdanowicz , Wojciech Przybył :

Title: Organic hole transporting layer in polymer and perovskite solar cells – selected materials and technical aspects

Abstract: The article discusses the influence of the organic hole layer (HTM) on the electrochemical and electrical parameters of polymer and perovskite solar cells. Based on our own research, the influence of the chemical structure of polymers or low molecular weight compounds used as HTM on the efficiency of third generation solar cells was analyzed. The highest efficiency was obtained for imine-based perovskite cells (PCE = 14.4%) and the highest conductivity value for PEDOT:PSS in aqueous solution (1.03 × 10-3 S/cm).

Key words: hole transporting layer, polymer and perovskite solar cells, conductivity, thermografic camera.