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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 150

Authors: Emilian Świtalski , Krzysztof Górecki :

Title: Using Lambert-W function in modelling characteristics of an alkaline electrolyser

Abstract: This paper presents the process of formulating an alkaline electrolyser model taking into account the mass concentration of KOH aqueous solution. The paper analyzes the usefulness of various functions for the description of the dc characteristics of such an electrolyser. A mathematical description of the considered characteristics has been proposed, ensuring high modeling accuracy and using the solution concentration as a parameter. The method of automatic selection of the values of the coefficients in the proposed mathematical description is presented and the number of these coefficients is optimized. The correctness of the modeling was verified experimentally in a wide range of changes in the concentration of the solution.

Key words: numpy, pandas, modelling, parameters estimation, alkaline electrolyser, dc characteristics, python