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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 126

Authors: Magdalena Budnarowska , Jerzy Mizeraczyk :

Title: Numerical simulation in the frequency domain of the shielding effectiveness of the interior of the enclosure with an opening against an ultrashort high power electromagnetic pulse

Abstract: The article presents the results of a numerical simulation of the numerical simulation of the dependence of the shielding effectiveness inside the enclosure with aperture as a function of frequency on the selection of the observation point in this enclosure. The analysis of the morphology of the mods and the EM threat posed inside the enclosure are divided into two thematic sections. In the first section, the resonance frequencies were numerically determined and the spatial morphology of individual modes inside the closed enclosure was visualized. In the second section, the dependence of the shielding effectiveness on the position of the observation point inside the enclosure with aperture was analyzed. The simulation performed showed that the SEE is a function of the space in the casing and the frequency. The overall assessments of the shielding effectiveness based on simulations for one vantage point, found in the literature, are usually unreliable.

Key words: electromagnetic interference, ultrashort high-power electromagnetic pulse, shielding effectiveness