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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no.

Authors: Jan Iwaszkiewicz , Adam Muc , Agata Bielecka :

Title: Six-phase Two-level VSI Control based on Polar Voltage Space Vectors

Abstract: The paper recommends polar voltage space vectors of the six-phase two-level inverter as a useful mathematical tool for vector control of the inverter. The inverter model is described using two mathematical tools: voltage state vectors and voltage space vectors. The polar voltage space vectors are used for inverter control. They are defined using the standard voltage space vector transformation and are determined by the usage of the same binary digits as the numbers defining state vectors. The simulation experiment described in this paper shows the results of the assumed control strategy and its advantages compared to the PWM method.

Key words: two-level six-phase inverter; state vector, space vector; inverter control; polar voltage.