Przegląd Elektrotechniczny

Oldest magazine of Polish electrician. It appears since 1919.

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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 111

Authors: Leszek Piechowski , Jan Iwaszkiewicz , Adam Muc :

Title: The connection structure of the resistors is hidden in the value of a natural binary code

Abstract: The article presents an innovative and patented method of creating unique resistor connection diagrams based on a sequence of natural binary code. The natural binary code permits to create a simple, systematized pattern (template) on the basis of which you can create combinations of resistor connection structures. For a given number of resistors, the number of structures can be calculated from the formula SN = 2N. If we ascribe the form of a resistor connection structure to the binary code, the proposed rules and properties resulting in the binary code recording make it possible to create the correct connection structure. The article describes examples that show the adopted methodology and defined rules.

Key words: resistor connection, binary code, synthesis of DC circuits.