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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 99

Authors: Leszek Piechowski , Jan Iwaszkiewicz , Adam Muc , Krystian Kasperek :

Title: 4-channel temperature meter using Pt100 sensors

Abstract: The article presents a patented solution concerning the problem of the non-linearity characteristics of the Pt100 temperature sensor and its influence on the temperature measurement accuracy. The formula expressing the dependence between temperature and resistance value of the thermoresistor is determined in the PN-EN-60751 + A standard. The applied approach minimized the error resulting from the non-linearity of the Pt100 sensor characteristics. Based on this idea a 4-channel temperature meter using Pt100 sensor was built.

Key words: measuring bridge, stabilization of the current value, Arduino microcomputer, Pt100 thermoresistor, temperature measurement.