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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 94

Authors: Adrian Pietruszka , Paweł Górecki , Jacek Tarasiuk , Agata Skwarek :

Title: Influence of the location of solder the thermal parameters of the MOSFET transistors

Abstract: The article describes the influence of the occurrence and location of large voids in the solder joint at the thermal pad of the MOSFET transistor influencing its thermal parameters. For the purposes of the research work, a series of test samples were designed and fabricated, the thermal parameters were measured using an indirect electrical method. Statistical analysis of the obtained results was performed and X-ray images of the thermal pad of selected test samples were taken. This paper analyzes the effect of the presence of solder voids in the thermal pad, on the thermal parameters of the MOSFET transistor. The effect of the location of the voids inside the solder joint was determined

Key words: MOSFET; thermal parameters; soldering; solder voids.