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Oldest magazine of Polish electrician. It appears since 1919.

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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 90

Authors: Krzysztof Górecki , Przemysław Ptak , Jakub Heleniak :

Title: Investigations of the distortion of the supply current and optical parameters of selected lamps

Abstract: The paper presents the results of measurements illustrating the properties of selected lamps from the point of view of the power grid. A halogen lamp, a compact fluorescent lamp and 3 different LED lamps were selected for the investigations. The applied measuring system as well as the measured waveforms and frequency spectra of the current supplying the tested lamps are presented. The values of selected parameters characterizing the influence of these lamps on the power grid were measured and discussed.

Key words: Lamps, power quality, spectrum of supply current, power factor