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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 56

Authors: Marian Hyla :

Title: Reactive power compensation in a 6 kV power grid supplying a 12-pulse thyristor hoisting machine

Abstract: The paper presents the problems of the influence of a high power thyristor hoisting machine on the mines power supply grid. The results of the real object measurements when the machine is powered from a 12-pulse rectifier with common, symmetrical firing angle control are presented. A comparative analyses were carried out in terms of reactive power and higher harmonics for symmetrical and asymmetric firing angle of thyristors based on simulation tests. The influence of the rectifier control method on the operating conditions of the automatic reactive power compensation system was indicated. Practical aspects, not included in the simulation model, have been emphasized.

Key words: hoisting machine, thyristor rectifier, asymmetric control, reactive power compensation