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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 32

Authors: Naima Hassani , Hamid Bouzeboudja , Mimoun Younes :

Title: Economic dispatch problem using artificial bee colony optimization based on predator and prey concept

Abstract: These Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is one of the most recent nature-inspired based algorithms, which has been shown to be competitive to other population-based algorithms. However, there is still an insufficiency in ABC regarding its solution search equation, which is good at exploration but poor at exploitation. In this paper, which combines the ABC algorithm and predator-prey (PP) methodology, the PP procedure was incorporated into the ABC algorithm to enhance the process of exploitation. Application of ABC algorithm combined with PP is based on mathematical modelling to solve Economic Dispatch (ED) problems. This combination is tested on 6-Units system. Simulation results are compared with those of other studies reported in the literature, and the comparative results demonstrate our proposed method is more feasible and effective. This method can be deemed to be a promising alternative for solving the (ED) problems in real systems.

Key words: Economic Dispatch, metaheuristic optimization, artificial bee colony algorithm, predator-prey approach.