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No/VOL: 09/2022 Page no. 1

Authors: Dirk Riedinger :

Title: A review and analysis of Quade’s fundamental geometric time domain concept for the summation of non-active powers of poly-phase systems

Abstract: How to determine the total non-active power of arbitrary periodical poly-phase loads or in other words: how to sum non-active powers resulting from non-sinusoidal and unbalanced voltages and currents? With algebraic summation or via aggregate power like the standards propose? In the time domain or with harmonic decomposition? What is the genuine meaning of non-active and apparent power? The reader may be amazed by questioning these problems which seem to be solved. Instead this article shows that the general solution is not that of the standards which define limiting cases but one that exists since a long time in the form of the geometric power concept of W. Quade that is commonly unkown today. The geometric method is compared to the concepts of aggregate power (Rechtleistung) and the algebraic summation of fictitious non-active powers. The consequences and meaning of the different concepts are analyzed.

Key words: power, vector space, orthogonality, interference, geometric summation, poly-phase circuit, fictitious starpoint